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H.O.P.E Document Preparation, LLC, a Florida legal document preparation service focused on family. 

We assist Pro Se Litigants based on their individual needs. Our objective is to provide consumers with legal information,      encourage review of court rules, and explain court procedure. We then prepare documents, to be filed either at the court, or electronically, by you, based on your informed decisions and instruction.

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Document preparation for family law

My current focus is Family-Law Documents. I will help you prepare the appropriate Family-Law forms, approved by the Florida Supreme Court, applicable to your specific situation. As a Pro Se Litigant, it is important you feel confident with the documents you’re filing for the Court’s consideration. Through preparation of your documents and explanation of procedure - I can help you pursue your legal cause knowledgeably. 

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Lacey Garofano

H.O.P.E. - Hold On Pain Ends

H.O.P.E Document Preparation aims to provide convenience to our customers. We’ll facilitate the process for you to provide all factual information required for us to prepare your documents. We review all information provided diligently to ensure we ask probing questions when necessary. Additionally, we are readily available to answer procedural questions and provide legal information to you throughout your case. We want you to know you can depend on us.
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Meet Lacey Garofano

Through both professional and personal experience I have developed a thorough understanding of the documents I assist with. Personally, I have been a party in a divorce. I have been a party in a step-parent adoption, when my husband adopted our daughter. And I have been a party of a custody matter, when I obtained guardianship of my brother.

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